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How would virtualization improve the security and efficiency of DoD networks.

Research Paper

The research paper will be an APA or IEEE style, 4000-5000 word paper (not including references page) on a topic from the list below — or of the student’s choosing with approval from the instructor. The goal of the paper is to allow the student to research a topic and write a meaningful analysis of the topic. After a thorough literature search, the student should endeavor to interpret the research, draw conclusions, and possibly make recommendations for improvement of the technology in the topic or future directions for research on the topic.

Conclusions and recommendations should be logically based on the research and readings that were used. The paper should contain numerous citations to any facts taken from references. In addition to content, spelling and grammar is considered. A paper with more than ten spelling or grammar errors will lose at least 10% off the final grade for the paper, and more if the paper is incomprehensible.


In doing research for the paper, students should start with the databases provided by the university on the library website. You need peer-reviewed academic sources. Vendor websites are not accepted as credible unless the paper is about a particular technology, and must still be supplemented by peer reviewed articles. Students who are not sure if a website is credible need to e-mail the instructor with the site and reasoning for using it. Wikipedia is not a credible source. Do not cite it as a resource and do not quote from it. I will not accept any papers that use this resource. However feel free to find references at the bottom of the Wiki page and use them as a starting point if needed.

There is no maximum number of resources, but you should consult and list at least 5 resources in your works cited/consulted section.

Quoting Material

You should use the methods provided by APA for quoting material. Very little of your paper may be quoted material. Quotes should only be used to elucidate a point, show an example, or otherwise help the reader understand the topic. They are not to be used as filler to get to your page requirement. You should however, site facts used in the paper. You may not cut and paste or use exact wording just because you cited the source.

Pay attention to comments on the Week 1 report to find out what you might be doing wrong.

Paper Topics

For each topic I have listed some questions I want answered in the paper. You may tackle other issues, but these are the core questions I want you to consider.Failure to answer or attempt to answer the questions results in a reduction in your overall grade for the paper.  All papers must be written with regard to the material we have studied in class including in-depth discussions of process scheduling, memory management, file system or disk operation, and so on, depending on what is appropriate to the paper. Simple surface descriptions are not enough. 

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