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HR Questions

Please watch the video below on organizational communication by Professor Koschmann of UC-Boulder. Pay particular attention to the segment when the Professor moves beyond this conventional view of organizational communication. 

After this please read chapters 1 & 2 that are attached.

Please respond to all the questions, one question at a time. Please no plagiarism and make sure all sources are cited properly.

Activity 1

  • What does Professor Koschmann mean by the “flat earth” approach?
  • Why do you believe this approach inadequate?

Activity 2

Think about a recent communication you have experienced with a manger or co-worker in your organization.

  • Thoroughly describe the experience using the Components of Communication found on pages 10 and 11 of your text.
  • What meaning was negotiated during your interaction? 

Activity 3

The questions in this activity relate to Chapter 2 in your textbook.

  • First, develop and share your thoughts about the definition of language. What is language?
  • What are some of the ways language can be an obstacle to communication?
  • Select one of your obstacles and share your personal example/experience.
  • What strategies could have been employed to address any of the obstacles you identified?
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