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Using the SHRM case study (an organization named PAC) provided, students will apply their knowledge about business and the function of Human Resources. In addition the use of a common business tool, a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) assessment is used to assess both the HR domains and the role the HR function is performing in the organization.


It is anticipated that the presentation will be approximately seven to ten slides, written in bullet points with additional notes, if needed, included in the notes section of the presentation, and demonstrate good academic writing style. In text citations and references will be presented in APA format and are in addition to the approximately seven to ten slides. At least one scholarly source is to be included on the reference page along with corresponding in text citations in the content of the presentation. Students are to use the UMUC writing center or Owl Purdue online writing center for tutoring on APA format for in text citations and reference lists.

  1. Title Page (Title of the paper, Your Name, Course Number, University, Professor’s Name & Date)
  2. Introduction and Purpose of the Presentation (what the paper is intended to achieve)
  3. Summary of Organization’s Capabilities and Requisite Employee Competencies (what is PAC in business to do and what competencies or knowledge, skills or abilities are needed of the employees in the entire organization in order to sustain success?) The course module/commentary gives examples of capabilities and competencies.
  4. Challenges the Organization Needs to Address (There are many in this study, find at least three that you think are key issues)
  5. Summary of the Findings of the SWOT Assessment for the HR function (using the following chart)
  6. Summary or Conclusions (Based on the challenges you identified and the SWOT, what are your findings? Go back to your purpose statement for the paper and reiterate what you have achieved)
  7. Reference Page (do not use bullet points, do not number the referenceslist alphabetically the sources you cited in the presentation and only those)
  8. Attachment (completed SWOT Assessment for the PAC HR function based on what you read in the case study and the emails included in the case study)

SWOT Assessment

HR Domains and Roles Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat? Comments/Description on Your Finding of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat
Human resource development and succession planning    
Risk management, safety and security    
Talent acquisition    
Total rewards    
Employee and labor relations    
Strategic leaders    
Credible activists    
Business expert    
Culture and change champion    
HR innovators and integrators    
Proponents in HR and organizational technology    
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