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Human resource assignment

Part 1: initial post(200-250 words)


  1. Write a response to this topic:  Why is it important for the senior leadership team to include an HR professional?

Part 2: reply to posts (50-75 words)

Other’s post:

It is important because it is unrealistic to expect the leadership to understand all the details of equal employment regulations, how to design a complex composition system, or when to conduct a job analysis. Therefore the presence of an HR department is helpful.  (Mathis, pg. 5)

Also HR is a significant help for managers and senior leaders, they save them time by doing on boarding with new employees, taking care of all the details properly. This ensures new employees hit the ground running and managers can take over, guiding them on the specific aspects of their role.  HR contribute greatly to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives.

Leaders need to make sure their company is cultivating a  good working condition, and this  is one of the benefits that the employees can expect from an efficient human resource team. A safe, clean and healthy environment can bring out the best in an employee. A friendly atmosphere gives the staff members job satisfaction as well.


Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., Valentine, S., & Meglich, P. A. (2017). Human resource management. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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Write your reply:

Leadership is inspiring people to do their best in working towards a common goal. Senior leadership creates a vision and sets goals to achieve the desired results. While this is important, management is responsible for the tactical direction to reach the companies desired goals.

HR collaborates with senior leadership to identify if they have the proper resources to accomplish these goals. It helps identify strategies for attracting and retaining the right talent and helping create, improve, and manage a cultural that contributes to employee motivation. Running in parallel HR insures or creates policies that align with the vision and direction of the organization. By providing this insight and having the ability to institute programs to accomplish the corporate vision and goals, HR greatly increases employee adoption of the company direction. In addition, HR supplies common ground and framework that creates a feeling of an equal playing field for all.

Write your reply:

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