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Infographic And Presentation Transcript

Infographic and Presentation Transcript 

 1 page and 1250 words, +/- 10% 

Context: Throughout this subject, you have been exposed to the various aspects of the strategic management process. Many theories have provided insight into how organisations analyse their environment and choose an appropriate strategy, implementing and evaluating it. One of the main challenges organisations face is communicating and aligning their strategy in a way that is understood by their employees. The purpose of this assessment is to overcome this challenge by selecting and researching an organisation of your choice. It may be private, public, or not-for-profit. It may be based in Australia or overseas. What is most important is that you can obtain information about its performance and strategy. You are then to assume the role of chief executive officer (CEO) of the organisation and prepare a 1-page summary of its strategy, called an infographic. Then, you are to write a transcript of  a verbal presentation that you would give to the organisation’s employees at its annual roadshow, which describes and brings the company’s strategy to life, in an inspiring and meaningful way. 

Instructions: You are required to undertake this assessment in two parts 

1) Prepare an Infographic  Infographics make information eye-catching, impactful and visually appealing, for communication to others. You are to prepare a 1-page infographic which explains your selected organisation’s strategy.  Your infographic should cover each of the following seven areas: o The vision and/or mission of the organisation. o A summary of its historic performance. o An evaluation of its internal and external environment. o A description of its key strategies and initiatives. o The implementation challenges ahead. o Measures of strategic success showing how the strategy will be evaluated. o References list.  The images, diagrams and text that you choose should be appealing and inspiring to your audience.  Don’t clutter the infographic with heaps of paragraphs and detail. Find ways of summarising the key points in a way that makes the infographic aesthetically pleasing. Then allow the presentation transcript to bring the infographic to life.  You should source information on the strategic management process from the various textbook chapters and readings in this subject. You may source information about your selected organisation from annual reports, websites and news articles, your own experience of being part of an organisation, or interviews with staff members, where appropriate.  Include references in the APA 6th edition referencing convention, where theories have informed the models, frameworks and information that you have used.  There are various web-based tools, complete with user instructions, which you may choose to use to create your infographic. Alternatively, you can produce an infographic in PowerPoint. Examples and templates may be found at the sites below. o o o o 

 2) Prepare a Presentation Transcript  You are to assume the role of the CEO of your selected organisation and write the transcript as if you were verbally presenting this in front of your employees.  You do not actually have to present your infographic in class. However, you are to write a 1250-word transcript using the style, tone and language that you would use, if you were verbally presenting it.  The aim of the written transcript is to bring the content of your infographic to life. This means that you should explain the strategic management process you went through and the logic for the organisation’s strategy.  Your presentation transcript should contain the following: o A welcome to your employees and an introduction of who you are. o A summary of the process you have gone through to produce the organisation’s strategy. o An engaging and succinct explanation of each part of the strategy that links to the 1- page infographic that you have produced. o A compelling conclusion that motivates your employees for the year ahead.  You do not need to reference the transcript. Instead, you need to write it in a style that inspires and informs your employees.  Please write the transcript in a word document. 

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