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International Business Strategy

In preparation for ESTABLISHING IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY market entry strategy, using the information you have collected, 

1. Identify five to seven countries that you believe are potential targets for location of your business venture 

2. Briefly defend your selections using the appropriate tools. (Hint— see the CIA Fact Sheet. (Book) .  If your ‘home’ country is not Canada, please include Canada. 

3. Undertake qualitative and quantitative competitive analyse of these five to seven countries you selected.  HINT. To undertake this task you will have to have ID the KSF  (key success factor)and the important attributes for your industry—what tool(s) would you use?? 

4. Demonstrate you can use these tools!       

5. For each of the host countries you have selected for examination undertake a PEST-C analysis – conduct a preliminary assessment of the geographic, economic, social-cultural, and political-legal factors that affect global business opportunities or constraints for the product/service you have identified for your new global venture in those countries.

Note ‘bullet’ format tables are acceptable.

The submission should be no more than 1200 words in length (not including references and appendices) (citations).  No table of content nor executive summary required. No introduction nor conclusion required… just answer the questions seriatim. You’re at liberty to apply any other tools you think might support the assignment.

Think of this exercise as the opportunity for you to commence undertaking secondary research for you major paper -your venture.


1. Strict APA rules with citations and no paid articles should be used in references.

2. Just answer the questions with latest information.


4. Please follow the link in questions 2 and select the five countries such as CANADA, AUSTRLIA, SINGAPORE, UK AND INDIA and you will get all the information related to IT industry. 

5. It’s a master course assignment, please follow the above rubric.

6. No introduction, no conclusion and no table of content is required.

7. Please make a table for key success factor in question 3 with description.

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