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Internship Evaluation Report

  1. Student Internship      Evaluation.      The student will prepare a 10-15 page, double-spaced, word-processed report      describing practical work experience gained during the internship. The      report should be of professional quality and should include as a minimum: 
    • What       was the organization attempting to accomplish?
            Provide a brief summary of the business, their products, state of their       information systems. Discuss the issues faced and the goals the business       expected accomplished. 
    • What       steps or processes did you follow to accomplish the business’ goals for       you?
            Explain how you addressed the issues, what steps you followed, and how       you developed the deliverable. 
    • What       were the results of your efforts?
            Explain how you applied the concepts learned in the classroom to your       project and what you accomplished. Define your measures of effectiveness       and how the results of your project met these measures. 

The paper will be downgraded if the above points are not covered. The paper will also be graded on punctuation, grammar, and style. A review of a style guide such as The Elements of Style by Strunk & White will be well worthwhile. 

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