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Introduction BIO and Suggestions Discussion Forum

Introductions and Bio (10 points), Suggestions for Online Success Forum (10 points)

The first forum for the semester is an introduction of who you are.

Please share what your goals are in relation to the course. Share any pertinent information about yourself, your background, your family or your future career aspirations. Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with sharing.

This first forum is also a way to gain insight into being successful in the online class. Please assist each other by sharing suggestions for taking online classes. Even if this is your first online class, share what you think will help you be successful. If you have taken online classes before, share what made you successful or even what pitfalls you may have experienced and would suggest other students avoid.

Future forums will require you to respond to at least 2 other students posts and I recommend you practice that in this forum. Welcome to the class.

For Example:


My name is Jessenia, my main goal is to graduate as a Registered Nurse in August of 2020. My goal for this class is to pass with the highest score possible and learn more about nutrition. I have been working on a well-balanced diet for a while now and focusing on healthier options rather than fast food. This class will help me learn more about proper nutrition and what a well-balanced diet is really composed of. I recently graduated from an associate degree program about 3 weeks ago, in order for me to be accepted into the RN program Im wanting to get into, I am required to take this class and one more. I plan to check in multiple times a day and make sure all my assignments are done on time. I work two jobs and will plan to make time after work each day to do homework and study. I’ve taken multiple online classes and from my experience, I would suggest starting tasks as early as possible rather than procrastinating.

-Jessenia Gonzales

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