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Introduction to Nutrition and Using Dietary Tools

Discussion Forum 1

For the first discussion forum, please choose one of the options below, you can choose to do a short review for each chapter or an in depth review of one topic out of the entire list. Review the information provided and in your own words, share the pros and cons of what the site presented to you.    Be sure to respond to at least 3 (three) other students’ posts.  Remember, there must be some depth to your follow up postings to another student’s post.  Please submit at least one post by the “due date”-you can add f/u posts later but as long as one is by the due date, the entire discussion will receive the on-time points.

Chapter 1: Food Choices

  1.  The National Council Against Health Fraud ( (Links to an external site.)
    1. Within this web site select one of the following items – found under consumer information or position papers:
      1. Supplement abuse
      1. Diploma mills
      1. Herbal remedies
      1. Multilevel marketing of health care products.
  2. Quackwatch – Your Guide to Health Fraud ( (Links to an external site.)
    1. Within this web site, visit one of the following and be prepared to discuss 3 ways to identify health fraud.
      1. Ten ways to Avoid Being Quacked
      1. Signs of a Quack Device
      1. Signs of a “Quacky” Web Site

Chapter 2: Nutrition Tools

  1. Visit the USDA website’s Food and Nutrition Information Center ( (Links to an external site.)
    1. Under Popular Topics at the bottom of the website choose one of the following links to report on
      1. 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
      1. Dietary Reference Intakes
      1. How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label
  2. Visit Choose My Plate or Super Tracker ( to an external site.)
    1. Choose from the following:
      1. MyPlate
      1. MyPlate Daily Check List
      1. Healthy Eating Style
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