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ISS Paper Assignment

Choose one of the two topics listed below. Based on what you have learned from this class, write a 4-6 pages essay (reference/citation list and footnotes/endnotes not included).

1. What are the social or cultural consequences of China’s economic reform?

2. What is the role of the Internet (social media, mobile technology…) in contemporary China’s social change or cultural transformation? 


For any of the two topics of your choice, you do not have to cover everything. These are very broad topics, and you only need to find a specific angle and focus on one or two arguments that you can develop well. 

Whenever you cite a source that is not your original idea, you should acknowledge that by giving it a proper citation (please refer to citation styles guide: APA, MLA, Chicago, and so on). 

You can use some real-life examples as supplementary (secondary) evidence to support your argument. 

You will be graded based on the quality of your argument and your ability to provide good evidence to support your argument, not the length of the essay. Keep in mind that a longer essay does not always be better. 

The essay ranges from 4 to 6 pages. It should be double-spaced with font size 12, and must be submitted in Microsoft Word file format (Pages users need to convert the file to Word).

What I will be looking for when reading your essays

Do you have a specific angle? Or does your essay have a focus instead of trying to incorporate everything in this class?

Is your argument clearly presented in the essay? 

Is your argument convincing (that is, do you have strong evidence to support your argument or to challenge the oppositional views)? 

Are other people’s works properly cited? 

If there is evidence of plagiarism (including but not limited to: submitting work of another course for this course, citing other people’s work without proper citation, copying other student’s work, and using illegal writing services), your assignment will be graded zero and an academic dishonesty report will be filed. 

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