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Imagine that you are carrying out a public health surveillance of obesity in your community, and you find out that one race and age group seems to have a consistent burden of disease compared to the other groups. If you were a public health official, what would be a logical next step you would take to address this?

Is there a community, state, or government public health program or intervention that you think is important to your family? How has it helped in improving the lives of your family members, and what suggestions could be made for the intervention or program to better serve your family?

Imagine that your friend smokes, is overweight/obese, and drinks alcohol on a regular basis. What chronic diseases do you think your friend could be at risk of? How would you advise your friend on the dangers of chronic diseases?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you or someone you know has decided against seeking preventative medical care? If so, why did you or someone you know make this decision, and what were the consequences? If not, explain why you think someone would choose not to seek preventable medical care.

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