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last week you were to write a paper about a subculture however there are many other types of subcultures your text noted some of these to include biker culture as in motorcycle pop culture 80s culture gaming culture goth culture rap culture at

Last week you were to write a paper about a subculture. However, there are many other types of subcultures. Your text noted some of these to include, biker culture (as in motorcycle), pop culture, 80s culture, gaming culture, goth culture, rap culture, athletic culture, and many, many more. Essentially, these cultures are groups of people who follow norms, behavior, traditions, etc. of that culture who live within our main culture, but may behave differently from the rest. For example, one student wrote about the biker culture. He was not a biker, but he chose to write about this type of culture. In his paragraph, he wrote about Hell’s Angels and described in a paragraph the history of this group, how they dress, the norms which included how to be inducted into this group, the rules for men and women, rules regarding what type of motorcycle they own, as well as some variations among this groups, such as those who get involved in crime verses those who do not. etc. Choose a subculture of your choice and write a paragraph to explain the behaviors, norms, traditions, etc. expressed by this subculture. You do not have to be a part of this subculture to write about it. APA is not required for this discussion board as you are merely writing a brief synopsis (overview). Please be sure your paragraph is 150 words or more, but do not exceed 200.

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