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leadership styles

Write a short paper identifying one or more of the leadership styles that most represent you that are listed in Section, PMBOK 6e.  Once you identify the leadership style that describes you, conduct some research into that style and write a post that properly paraphrases or summarizes one or two references.  This is not an exercise of writing what you think you know and understand about a leadership style, but rather conducting some research of existing literature (e.g., get copies of references found at the end of each chapter in CPM 4e) sources and presenting it using good grammar and coherent writing style.

You will be assessed on content (80 points) and in-text citation of references used for summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting and other writing mechanics (20 points).  See Purdue OWL website for guidance on in-text citations.  Content should primarily focus on material from literature with some linkage to examples in your own professional experience to demonstrate you understand the leadership style.

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