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learn by doing 7


Submit your initial post:

  • Address all items in the discussion prompt with your initial post (be sure to number your answers clearly).
  • If directed to do so, embed all required StatCrunch output in your initial post (do not submit StatCrunch output as an attachment).
  • All pertinent StatCrunch directions will be provided in context.
  • You were randomly assigned to a group for all discussions in the current module. However, you will not be able to see responses from other students in your group until you post your initial response to the discussion prompt.

Review other responses and reply to self with corrections:

  • After you post your initial response, continue to the ANSWER(S) page and review your instructor’s response.
  • Return to the discussion and read the responses from others in your group.
  • We all learn from mistakes (our own and our classmates’ mistakes). So, please do not correct your mistakes immediately. If possible, wait until you receive feedback from at least one other group member, then reply to your own initial post with your corrections. Please do not create a new thread for your corrections.

Provide high-quality feedback:

  • Provide high-quality feedback to two of your group-mates. WARNING: To earn full-credit for the assignment, every student in your group must receive high-quality feedback from at least two distinct group-mates. Keep in mind, that a student’s reply to self with a correct does NOT count as feedback.
  • Here is a PDF with the features of high-quality feedback (Links to an external site.).

Grading Rubric

There will be one group grade for all students participating in the group discussion. Those students who do not fully participate will earn a lower score. For example, if you do not commit a good-faith effort to responding to the discussion prompt in your initial post (by the due date), you are not a fully participating group member.

Here are the requirements for the group to earn credit for this discussion. By the due date:

  1. Commit a good-faith effort in responding to the above prompt in your initial post.
    1. Your response to the discussion prompt must be based on the reading and Module content.
    2. All of your answers to the prompt must be included in in your initial reply to this discussion.
  2. Read ALL initial posts with your group-mates’ responses to the discussion prompt.
  3. Make a good-faith effort to provide high quality feedback to at least two different group-mates. The group will earn a higher grade if the feedback helps students make necessary corrections to their initial answers.
  4. You must receive high-quality feedback from at least two distinct group-mates.
  5. Carefully read all the feedback your group-mates gave you.
  6. If necessary, respond to yourself and make corrections to your initial answer(s). Be sure to make corrections in your own words; copying is plagiarism.


Use descriptions of shape, center, and spread to compare the distribution of calories in adult and child cereals.

Stacked dotplots (child cereals, adult cereals)

High Quality Feedback Features of high quality feedback: 1) High quality feedback is based on the reading and content from the module. 2) High quality feedback identifies a strength in the writer’s initial response to the discussion prompt. 3) High quality feedback constructively points out when the writer’s initial response to the discussion prompt misses the main point(s) from the reading. Then high quality feedback makes suggestions for improvement – based on the reading and content from the module. 4) High quality feedback is both constructive and instructive. 5) High quality feedback facilitates teaching and learning. 6) If you cannot make suggestions for improving the writer’s initial response to the prompt, high quality feedback should state what you learned from reading the writer’s initial response to the discussion prompt – again based on the reading and content from the lesson. 7) Comments such as “I agree” or “I love what you wrote” or “You’re a great writer” are not instructive. These types of comments are motivational and I encourage them. But they should only supplement high quality feedback. 8) Feedback that appears to be instructive but is not actually related to the reading and the content from the module is not high quality feedback

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