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See attachment for SolarComm Communication and Collaboration Team Biographies.

1. Using the information provided in the SolarComm Communication and Collaboration Team Biographies case study, identify two or more employees on the team who may not get along, and explain why. (1–2 paragraphs)

2. Describe twostrategies to ensure the team members identified in prompt #1 work effectively together.

3.  Describethreeconflicts that may arise between employees of SolarComm Communication. Explain why each conflict may arise given the employee characteristics and other contextual factors. (3–4 paragraphs)

4.  For each conflict identified in prompt #3, plan an intervention to help the team constructively engage in, and benefit from, conflict. (3–4 paragraphs) *Supported by cited sources*

5.  Describetwoorganizational attributes that may foster collaboration and high performance. (1–2 paragraphs) *Supported by cited sources*

6.  Describetwoorganizational attributes that may hinder collaboration and high performance. (1–2 paragraphs) *Supported by cited sources*

7.  For each organizational attribute, described in #5 and #6, describe oneaction you will take to promote collaboration and high performance within SolarComm Communication.  *Supported by cited sources*

8.  Describetwoteam-leadership strategies to promote effective collaboration and teamwork. (1–2 paragraphs) *Supported by cited sources*

9.  Identifytwostrategies that would ensure effective communication within the SolarComm team. (1–2 paragraphs) *Supported by cited sources*

10.  For each strategy, you identified in prompt 9, describe twoways you will apply them effectively to the team. (2–3 paragraphs). 

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