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machiville the disscouces

In two Paragraphs single space size 12 times new roman, attached is some examples to go back. Do Not copy them. Must use 4 quotos citing with the page number of the book not the pdf

considered Machiavelli’s appreciation of political time, and we’ve examined his concern for methods of rule that are addressed to the particular circumstances in which one finds oneself, and in which one finds one’s polity.

No one needs to be reminded of the especially trying times all societies face relative to COVID-19. Perhaps we could leverage Machiavelli in just this direction. Open societies accustomed to granting the multitudes quite some latitudes of political freedom find themselves in especially precarious predicaments today; China offers an alternative example.

We could consider Machiavelli’s directives in the present context, then. What rules would he authorize relative to fighting the coronavirus, and — less obvious and yet not unimportant — what would he counsel with respect to global-governance initiatives at the current time?

I also want to move us toward a discussion of Machiavelli’s quite apparent belief in the virtues of republics over principalities. If the times permit it, he seems to suggest, then power can be distributed more equitably across the population of a state. Are there chapters in which Machiavelli speaks to this — to the idea that humans represent quite a remarkable resource of power, and when that power is appropriately harnessed, then societies can achieve ends that principalities could never dream of. If so, what are these ends? Machiavelli seems to believe that principalities (where power is concentrated and held by just a few) cannot make good use of the power that is available to them (in the right circumstances).

Are there specific references where Machiavelli reveals himself to be not a democrat as such, but certainly someone convinced of the virtues of representation — of people having a say in their own lives, and in the life of the collective?

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