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man 3503 disucussion 4

Chapter 10: Developing Accountability in Risk Management

LENGTH: Provide an initial posting of 400 to 600 words.

Select 3 of the following questions and post your answers to the discussion thread.

1. Risk workshops often generate so many risks that it is not possible to adequately assess and address all of them. On other occasions a small number of risks are identified, which allows for an in-depth assessment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two scenarios?

2. Explain the differences between outcomes, causes, and risks. Provide and example of each. What are the implications of confusing these?

3. Is the term inherent risk helpful? How could it help and/or hinder the assessment of risk?

4. What are the possible complications of moving from assessments of predefined sets of risks to using top-down objectives based on the balanced score card approach?

5. How does voting technology work? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using voting technology compared with other approaches such as those described in this case study.


  1. Do not access the threads until you are ready to post your entire answer. If you make a mistake, do not edit the response; reply to your own answer with the revision.
  2. Use formal writing. Errors will reduce your grade.
  3. Respond by extending the discussion by adding new insights, different examples from your experience, or from other sources.
  4. Apply critical thinking. Probing questions or challenging assumptions are strongly encouraged for maximum points. Agreement, quoting other learners, or repeating the case content will count as zero words and zero points. It’s great to ask questions in your responses to classmates, but also provide substance and do not ask questions after 8pm on Sunday, as you cannot expect responses to them that late on the last day of class for the week.
  5. The textbook is not considered common knowledge. If you use information from the book in your answer, citation to the book is required.
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