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Management Essay

1. What are the core dimensions of empowerment? Next, provide an example for each of the dimensions. 

Tips: There are five dimensions: self-efficacy, self-determination, personal consequence, meaningfulness, and trust.

2. Briefly discuss a major advantage of delegation. Next, identify a major disadvantage of delegation. Finally, discuss how this disadvantage could be overcome. 

3. Briefly discuss the four stages of team development. Next, discuss one managerial approach that helps facilitate a new team to go from one stage to a later stage (i,e.,from forming to norming , from norming to storming , and from storming to performing) efficiently.

Tips: four stages of team development: forming, norming, storming, performing.

4. Provide a situational context where groupthink is likely to occur. Next, discuss two managerial approaches for reducing or eliminating groupthink in that particular situational context.

5. Identify an organization that you believe creating a positive change is needed. Apply the framework for leading positive change and develop a detailed plan for creating a positive change for the organization.

Tips: The frame for leading positive change is including:

  1. establish a positive climate
  2. creating readiness
  3. articulating vision
  4. generating commitment
  5. Institutionalize the change
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