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The paper length should be a minimum of 10–12 pages, 3 references, APA format and Plag. checker.

Need a paper on “The evolving role of staff performance from bureaucratic performance appraisal to comprehensive performance management”

Paper should/could include issues such as: 

– Staffing

· Employee learning

· Employee relations 

· Performance management

· Total rewards

· HR information systems

· Human capital management

· HR metrics, or line/HR partnering as examples of discussion points (if needed). 

· Reflection of how staff performance has changed to reflect the challenges presented by a technology-driven global economy. 

· Research should trace the historical roots of the topic and how technology, globalization, and other strategic forces have shaped its changes. 

This paper could also reflect the strategic evolution of HRM from a marginalized area of practice to one that assumes a position within management that is reflective of the potential role that effective workforce planning and development can play.

Basically, the paper should speak to the questions,so what and now what?

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