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Marketing Communication


The assignment requires you to analyse a marketing communications campaign within a specific product category. In doing so, you will understand the managerial decisions that were made with respect to a campaign and appreciate the need to plan marketing communications in a comprehensive and integrated manner. 


Select a communication piece (e.g., TV, digital, or print ad, or social media ad, guerrilla marketing material, etc.) from a marketing campaign related to meat substitute products

The product should be designed to resemble meat (any animal meat, i.e., beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc.), though it does not have to be intended to be so similar that people may not detect that it is not real meat when they taste it. The piece has to mention specifically that the product is targeted at replacing real meat. For example, VBites Cheatin’ sells “Beef Style Slices” making prominent in their packaging that it is “a delicious meat-free alternative”. At the same time, products that are not similar to meat are not suitable options for this assignment. For example, an ad for a veggie pattie cannot be chosen for this assignment, unless it specifically mentions the product is designed to resemble meat. A veggie burger, on the other hand, can be used in the assignment as the word ‘burger’ is associated with the idea of real meat. Overall, any non-real-meat product that is labelled with any word that denotes meat can be used for this assignment, e.g., burger, meat, beef, chicken, etc. Usually they appear with modifying words such as in the example above “Beef Style”, and most will mention some related attribute such as that they are “100% plant based”, or “Vegetarian product”, or “Vegan”, etc. 

The piece can be from anywhere around the world but note that in case it is not in English you are required to provide full translation in your submission. You cannot choose Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, or Nuggs, but any other brand adering to the description above should be fine. Ask your workshop facilitator if in doubt. 

You are required to develop a critique of elements of the communication piece for the brand (i.e., discuss both positive and negative aspects) in terms of the communications objectives, creative strategies and tactics used, as well as the target customer and category positioning (mental partitioning) involved. In particular, look at positioning (market needs) and customer persona(s). Essentially you are required to apply many class concepts. Make sure to conclude with a paragraph stating overall how successful you think the campaign is in reaching the objectives you can infer they want to achieve, and, discussing at least one change (specifically to the material you chose for this assignment) that you think would make the campaign be more successful (even if you think it is already successful) and why. 

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