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marketing strategy 45

Create a marketing plan showing how to market an artist’s performance in a large venue.

You or an artist you work with is giving a concert at the largest venue in a nearby city and you need to fill it up. and you need to create a marketing plan for the upcoming show. Identify a minimum of 5 blogs or influencers you will approach to write a post or feature about your show and complete Marc Plotkin’s Quant Based Marketing Strategy spreadsheet prior to approaching the influencers and bloggers. Create an image showcasing your marketing plan.

Watch the following video:

Determine 5 blogs or websites that you would like to write about your music. Follow the instructions that Marc Plotkin outlines.

Set up a free account on SimilarWeb (or Alexa). You will need this to research the traffic of the media outlets you choose.
Make a copy of this spreadsheet:…

Research and select 5 traffic sources, like social media influencers, account targets that you think will get you the traffic you need to market your new song. The accounts can be on social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram and at least 1 traffic source should be a website.
-Provide monthly unique traffic from SimilarWeb or Alexa (and/or share the number of followers for social media accounts)
-Provide an estimate of the click-through rate
-Provide your “Converted Traffic” goal.

Take a screenshot of your completed spreadsheet and/or share your data as part of a your the image of your marketing plan below.

Here’s how we will evaluate your assignment’s quality

The best assignments will:
-Describe the event in a paragraph or so.
-Describe how you will connect with fans via the outlets you choose in a paragraph or so.
-Describe how success will be measured.
-Share the screenshot of the spreadsheet and/or show data that supports your plan.

There is an an example attached!

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