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Master Thesis 1

IT Audit Compliance: A Case Study of IT Cloud Compliance at SAP AG

The necessity and requirements of IT audit, i.e. contributing to compliance and sustainability, in today‘s digitalized organizations—Chapter 1

How IT audit fits into compliance – regulations, and standards for IT governance — Chapter 2

How the COBIT model defines requirements and best practices, plus alternatives or adaptations to this model –Chapter 2

Adopting the standards into applied processes and models in the organization – Chapter 3

SAP SE Case Study: An example of best practices for IT operations excellence and IT audit compliance – Chapter 3

Comparison with publicly available information from cloud industry competitors and leaders like Azure, AWS, Google, Salesforce (?) – Chapter 3

Summary model – text and illustrations, i.e possible flow chart,  for organizations to implement IT 

In regards to the comparison it might makes more sense to look into real software competitors to SAP in the Cloud market like Salesforce, Workday, ….

Azure, AWS, Google are also Partner when it come to Hyperscalers. Thus at least the competitors will bring value add for us.(chapter 3)

Audit/Compliance to regulations and standards—Chapter 4

Conclusion and Recommendations – Chapter 5

So you are heavily literature based, with observations at SAP and SAP documents to base your case study methodology

Literature based theoretical knowledge and Case study for application

One case is a bit weak, that is why you also will try to find some documents about cloud competitors

Find an article or two and maybe a book by Robert Yin explaining how the case study methodology works in theory and practice with steps to follow

Key is SAP is an example of best practices but you cannot assume or say they are better than others

There are learnings you should seek from SAP and from the others

you need to write small paragraphs about what is the chapter related to before each chapter and create sub chapters as well but writing has to be in detail and not overall 

also try to include graphs 

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