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Module 01 Course Project – Information Literacy

You are a marketing specialist reporting directly to the Director of Marketing. One of your top competitors has recently begun stealing market share from your brand. Unless your team comes up with a successful defensive marketing plan, this competitor will overtake your brand’s market position within six months.For this assignment, you will develop a marketing plan to effectively address the competitive threat. You will choose a real-life company and product, as well as a competitive company and product, to use in the course project assignments.Module 01 Assignment: In order to respond effectively to the competitive threat, you need to gain a solid understanding of the current situation. Because of your excellent marketing education, you know that data and research will help you do just that. For this project, create a business report to be shared with your manager that addresses the following:Section 1: Identify a real-life company and product as well as a competitor company and product. The company should be based in the United States and located in one of the data resources listed below.Section 2: Conduct a detailed analysis of secondary data sources to identify industry, company, market, customer, and competitive data. One reference in your paper needs to be the data resource of your company information research.Library resources for secondary data:Mergent Online, please click here.  Watch a quick video on how to use Mergent Online.Hoover’s, please click here.Passport, please click here.Section 3: Based on your secondary research, complete a SWOT analysis for your brand and your competitor.Resource: SWOT template provided here. Need to complete and insert into your paper.Section 4: Describe other types of information that you would seek through qualitative and quantitative primary research methods if you had the time.Resource: Qualitative and Quantitative Chart template provided here. Need to complete and insert into your paper.Section 5: Two references required. (One source must be the data source site.)

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