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Answer all 3 questions: 85 word minimum each question and total needed 300, Cite 1 source

1)Compare J.S. Bach’s Zion hears the Watchmen from Cantata no. 140 and Handel’s Messiah (three parts on cd tracks 21 – The Voice of him that Crieth in the Wilderness, 22 – Ev’ry Valley Shall be Exalted, and, 24 – Hallelujah). Listen once without reading about them and then again after reading what the composers were doing. 

Are the instruments used differently? Similarly? Are the textual themes (story lines) apparent (or clear) when you listen to the music?

2) How did religion affected music and the writing of music from these periods. Explain your point with an example.

3) Compare Palestrina Sicutcervus ( with J.S. Bach’s Zion Hears the Watchmen ( How do they use the voice to accent the text and character of the message? How do these works tell a story?

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