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narrating a quote for a short story

For this activity, you are to choose ONE of the quotes, adages, proverbs, maxims, or aphorisms below and WRITE a brief NARRATIVE (i.e.: a story with characters, action, beginning, middle and end, etc.) in which you SHOW the meaning of the saying you picked (without including any part of your saying in your story) simply through your powers of narration/description. For this assignment, anywhere from three to six paragraphs should suffice.

Also, no literal stories either (i.e. telling a story about a man who finds a penny and then picks it up and puts it in a piggy bank would be an example of a literal story for #2).

Recall that in Narration/Description essays, we are relying on an IMPLIED THESIS that comes through in the SINGLE DOMINANT IMPRESSION created through your narration/description. While you will not explicitly state your thesis idea (quote), we should be able to read your essay and know your purpose (AKA thesis).

Then, read and COMMENT on AT LEAST 10 of your classmates’ stories, stating which quote (by number) you think they are illustrating with their story. Feel free to add any positive comments supporting their use of details, narrative and description as well.

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