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need 4 reading responses 2000 words

We have a discussion area, and the teacher will post questions in this area, and then each student’s answers can be seen. The purpose of this homework is to read the answers of other students in order to reflect on their own answers. And reflect on What the discussion and posts helpful?

Here is more information about what you need to do with reading responses…

need 4 Reading Responses- 2000 words

each 500 words.

You are expected to submit (4) Reading Responses. Responses to the questions will be assessed on completion, thoroughness and relevance to the reading of posts by yourself and other students in the class. While the length of the response may vary, the guide in general will be one-page max. The idea if for you to reflect on a weekly discussion and further your thoughts on an issue. You can respond my answering the following questions: What the discussion and posts helpful? Did anything surprise you? Why?

The general rule is a typical page which has 1-inch margins and is typed in 12-point font with standard spacing elements will be approximately 500 words when typed single spaced. When considering proper writing style your work will have an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Each response is worth 10 points of your final grade (40 points overall). Evaluation will be as follows:

CONTENT (2.5 points) (Use of appropriate sources, including course readings, Relevance to course themes). ARGUMENT (2.5 points) (Do you present a coherent and reasonable argument?Is it consistent with, and supported by, your evidence? Is it logically consistent? Does it take into account major counter arguments?). ORGANIZATION (2.5 points) (Clear introduction, setting out the central topic(s) or question(s), and how, you will proceed to address them, Systematic exposition of ideas, not straying from the topic, and leading to a conclusion). STYLE (2.5 points) (Grammar and literacy, Intelligibility of expression, Acknowledgement of sources, consistent footnote, and properly formatted bibliography.)

For example!!!!!!(this is my understand)

I need to select 4 weeks of questions from the 11-week discussion. Then reflect on my thoughts based on the assignments uploaded by other students, What the discussion and posts helpful? Did anything surprise me? Why?

For example, I have some opinions on the problem discussion in Week 5. Ministers and Cabinet Decision-Making Systems, first explain What the discussion and posts helpful? Then when I read other students’ homework, I found this surprising question, and then I discussed This will surprise me.

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