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nelson mandela 3

Respond to these questions about Nelson Mandela’s Speech on Canvas:

  • Why do you think Mandela leaves prison after 27 years and begins his speech by thanking so many groups of people? What is his motivation for thanking them?
  • Does it sound like he wants to retire to the country with his family and breath some fresh air? What are his future plans according to this speech and why do you think he wants to do those things?
  • What characteristics of great leadership does Mandela show in this speech?
  • Looking at his final quote, what’s the difference in being willing to die for a cause and being willing to kill for a cause?

Respond to these questions about Nelson Mandela Quotations on Canvas:

  • What hopeful themes emerge for you from those quotes? Name at least two and discuss their importance for all individuals who want to make a positive impact on the world.
  • What personal qualities/characteristics/attributes would he have in common with Malala? Give 2 examples:

Respond to these questions about Apartheid on Canvas:

  • If you had been a “colored” person in S Africa, which of these would have been the worst for you and why?
  • Does discrimination still exist in societies today? If so, why do you think that is? If not, how were we able to overcome it?
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