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Opportunity Assessment And Identification

Students are required to: (1) identify one specific opportunities in the social sector and (2) describe in detail the target user (beneficiary) as well as (3) the user’s understanding of the problem.

Students are welcome to use any of the methods and tools covered in class or available in the suggested materials.

This is assignment should be research-based, not based on intuition, guesswork, or rumors. Students should make sure to properly reference their sources.

Target word-count: 1,000 words (i.e., 4 double-spaced pages).


Rubric for  Paper- 


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDemonstrated Knowledge. Develop, Justify and communicate new ideas around opportunity identification with design thinking

50.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
• Shows complete understanding of the exercise • Demonstrates full knowledge of the subject with explanations and elaboration

3.0 ptsMeets Expectations
• Shows substantial understanding of the exercise • At ease with subject content • Able to elaborate and explain to some degree

2.0 ptsBelow Expectations
• Response shows some understanding of the exercise • Uncomfortable with content • Only basic concepts are demonstrated and interpreted

0.0 ptsNot Acceptable
• Response shows a lack of understanding for the exercise • No grasp of information • No clear knowledge of subject matter

50.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeRequirements- Demonstrate creativity throughout the narrative presented- backed by frameworks, theoretical concepts and practical dimensions

40.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
• Goes beyond the requirements of the exercise

3.0 ptsMeets Expectations
• Meets the requirements of the exercise

2.0 ptsBelow Expectations
• Does not meet the requirements of the exercise

0.0 ptsNot Acceptable
• Fails to complete the exercise

40.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpelling and Grammar

5.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
• Negligible misspellings and grammatical errors

3.0 ptsMeets Expectations
• Minor misspellings and grammatical errors

2.0 ptsBelow Expectations
• Several spelling and grammatical errors

0.0 ptsNot Acceptable

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