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Part 1- 400 Words APA Format- Please have 4 references

  What powers does a president have to influence the economy? Illustrate these powers with a news article from the last four weeks.    

Rubric to follow

 Exemplary Competent
50% Synthesis of Concepts Clear understanding of main ideas incorporates three or more concepts from the required weekly readings. No irrelevant comments and information is on point. Provides examples that tie in with the course material. (45-50 percentage points)
20% Discussion Participation Replied to three or more classmates. Replies demonstrate incisive and detailed analysis of others’ argument and incorporated concepts and terms from the required readings. (18-20 percentage points)
10% Diverse Sources Used three or more acceptable sources (9-10 percentage points)
20% Writing Standards Free of writing or spelling errors and made proper reference to the course text or to other materials. Statements are well organized with a clear thesis statement and concluding thoughts. (18-20 percentage points)
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