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please follow the instructions as stated below and no plagiarism

Please write a 5-6 page double spaced paper on UV Sanitizing towel, and then make 4-5 PowerPoint slides on it with notes written in the notes section so that it can easily be presented (please try to write in bullet points for the PowerPoint and be precise). Please include as much graphs, pictures possible. You must segregate your material and use headers that tells the reader what he/she is about to read.

You need to focus on these topics to write the paper:


2.2.2 strengths

2.2.2 weakness

2.2.3 opportunities

2.2.4 threats

2.3 Competition

2.4 Product offering

2.5 Keys to success

2.6 Critical issue

3.0 Marketing Strategy

3.1 Mission

3.2 Marketing objectives

3.3 Financial objectives

3.4 Target markets

3.5 Positioning

These are the useful resources which can help you to do the paper:

1. Concept Bathroom Towel Cleaner That Kills Bacteria In Second

2.These UV light sanitizers are a great alternative to in-demand cleaning supplies htAtps://

3.UV Disinfection Equipment Market Outlook – 2026

The grade on the presentation will be based on the following factors:

1.The clarity and thoroughness with which will identifies and articulates the problems facing the company and the issues which management needs to address

2.The caliber (depth and breadth) of your analysis and demonstrated ability to use the concepts and tools of strategic analysis in a competent fashion

3.The caliber of your PowerPoint slides

4.The degree of preparation, professionalism, energy, enthusiasm, and skills demonstrated in delivering your part of the presentation

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