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project spreadsheet for computer system budget project kindly have a look at the assygnment before you bid on it


Create a budget for a new computer system in Microsoft Excel

The top row should have column headings with columns for item, price. and URL where you can buy it for that price. Include a column to classify each item as software or hardware. If you will be using free software, include the same information with a price of 0.00

All money should be formatted to show 2 decimal places. Include a grand total as well as a total for software and hardware.

All fields that can be calculated should use equations.

Include a pie graph to show the breakdown of costs.

Download the spreadsheet-checklist, fill it out and submit it with your project.

Checklist very important!

Includes a text box or heading giving my name and title of project.
List of necessary hardware and software is complete.

Format, layout, and formulas show knowledge of the spreadsheet software.
Includes a graph with all sections labeled.

My spreadsheet is of sufficient length and complexity to show real effort.

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