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python and java programming

Write a program with the requirements specified below in Python and one other programming language of your choice. Java with eclipse is my choice


[1]Create an array of 80 random numbers between 1 and 85.

[2] Print out the numbers in the array in eight lines of 10 numbers, the numbers must be evenly spaced.

[3] Sort the numbers in ascending order.

Print out the sorted numbers (8 by 10)

[4] Find and print the smallest number in the array.

[5] Find and print the largest number in the array.

[6] Determine and print the sum of the numbers.

[7] Determine and print the product of the numbers (ask if you are not sure).

[8] Calculate the mean (to 3 decimal places), median and Mode of the numbers, print out these values.Note, there may be more than one mode, which can cause Python to error!

[9] Calculate the Standard Deviation of the numbers, to 3 decimal places, print out value.

The output of your program should look like the out pout in the attached file:

the python program must run on python ideal

the java program must run on Java eclips


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