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QNT 275

I need help answering these questions please. Thanks, please answer them in your own words.

1- There are so many variables that enter into successful interaction between customers and restaurant employees that it would be very interesting to find out what really matters.

Some variables are easy:

Quality  of food. No matter how great the service is, I doubt if people would return to a restaurant that either served lousy food or did not serve the type of food people like. So that would be my primary variable.

Then I have a tough choice. Which do you think would be more important to customers: Good service or price of food?


How would you design a survey question to determine that.

  • 2- If management shows a willingness to change, surveys can be a valuable tool.

I recall introducing surveys to a Vice President years ago, and he said, “Don’t show me anything that won’t make it easier for me to get new business?”

When I introduced employee surveys, we found that by asking employees, “What would you change?” the first thing s they came up with were convenience items: better parking allocation, shelves in the rest rooms, casual Friday , etc. I tried to point out to the VP that “Happy employees are more productive employees, but I could never get that across,  and we never really progressed to what I would call process improvement issues to improve the bottom line.

See the problem there?

3-Great care has to be taken by the surveyor so that the people surveyed clearly understand the question. Phrasing a question a certain way may lead to an answer, and one certainly does not want to influence the answer by the wording of the question. When a person being surveyed becomes confused, it would be a good idea to have some feedback mechanism in place to make that confusion known to the business or organization doing the survey.

Any ideas?

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