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read and answer these assignments


Please write 250 words (1 page) from the perspective of Veronica. This exercise still has the same “you” format, but in this case the “you” would of course be David Federman (or…someone else?) who is on Veronica’s mind. This should be fun., but also hammer home the point that Veronica and David are, arguably, very similar characters in terms of lack of empathy, sociopathy, etc (I posit “loner” in the title refers to both of them). Of course David is more violent so he’s probably worse but Veronica is written as his equal (whether this is a good or bad thing).

This is creative so the only rule is to write from Veronica’s POV. It can be a scene in the book, or a scene you added; can feature people in the book, or people you add: perhaps Veronica has a back story with her family that makes her not trust, etc.


We are living through history now, and we should be mindful of this. We will survive, don’t worry, but this is going to change the way we live very much….maybe good or bad idk. But we should be paying attention. Write 250 words about how this is affecting you, how your personal life has changed, an economic development you think is noteworthy, something you’ve noticed…. Anything. Think of it like a diary you are writing to read to your children some day.

3- this is the important things

see the attached quiz I will post a file that have a quiz and you have to answer it


I will post the book

the social network is movie see it in google

just see the first episode in YOU

that’s for the quiz

and I will post an example for assignment 1

put yo focus 💯 in the quiz

if I got a full mark I will give you high tip

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