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Social Institutions and the structure of the world

Anthony Giddens referred to Social Institutions as ” the cement of social life”

Social Institutions can be thought of as basic human relations that provides our societies with structure and continuity

Social structure and human relations

Tönnies ====> gemeinschaft Gesellschaft

Durkheim====> mechanical and organically solidarity.

Main Social Institutions we will discuss:

  • government
  • economy
  • the family
  • religion
  • education

Social institutions of the Family.

Why do we need the family?

Social science says…

Substantive definition of the family====> familial connections based on blood and law

Family as…

an integral component of Culture (big ‘C’ and little ‘c’)

Gender construction in the family

Gender Roles in the family

Kinship and descent




Types of families





Cultural differences

small families vs. big families

Marriage, Family, and Socialization

Functions of the family: (Parsons)

Primary socialization – The family serves the function of teaching young children with they should know to operate effectively in society.

Personality stabilization – Family provides different forms of emotional support for all family members especially adults.

Family/Marriage and Social Interaction

Types of marriage


Serial monogamy

Polygamy===> multiple spouses



Should Marriage be considered a social institution?

Gender Roles in marriage and family

Back to the Trinity of Social Reality

Think about the culture of the Family, how the family engages in socialization, and the sorts of social interaction we find in the family.

Changing structure of families and America. A decline in the stay-at-home two-parent families with a single breadwinner, and an increase in dual-earner and or single-parent.

Divorce in the US. Reasons for divorce include the development of no-fault divorce, when I become more economically independent, growing understanding that marriage should be associated with personal satisfaction.

There was an association between divorce rates and people who are children of divorced parents, and able to ship between premarital cohabitation and a higher divorce rate.

Increasing divorce rates among baby boomers and the elderly.

Child-abuse and spousal abuse in the family.

##### the up is the discussion in BOLD and this is the assignment below

Q1-The choice not to get married, and increasing cohabitation, staying single. Thinking about our discussion of the family as a social institution and some of the changes that have taken place within the family over the place few decades, take a moment to share your observations of and/or experiences with the changes that associated with this most vital of social institutions. Think about changing structures and roles within the family, the impact of divorce (particularly in the US), or the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage.

only 120 words

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