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read article and answer questions 17

I have attached both the article and link to complete the IAT response assignment and I have also attached the powerpoint to complete the reflection portion of the assignment.

1) Read attached article on IAT test and then answer the following questions in a one page, double-spaced response.

Take the IAT here. I suggest starting with a less serious test (Star Wars/Star Trek, etc.) just to get accustomed to the procedure. Once you feel comfortable, pick one of the more serious tests.…

Answer the following questions in the response:

1. Based on your reading of the article about the IAT, what are your opinions of its usefulness?

2. Which test did you take?

3. What are your reactions to your results? You are not required to state your results specifically.

2) Then, write a one page reflection on the attached powerpoint. The reflection should be a response to the powerpoints learning content. Just share your reaction to the material. You can give personal examples, talk about what you found surprising, talk about how you see yourself using the information in the future, etc. It’s about connecting the material to your life and demonstrating that you understand the concepts.

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