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read the bio 3

Read the 2 articles below.

  1. Background: Vitamin D supplements aren’t living up to their hype. 2/2/19 issue of Science News (Links to an external site.)
  2. Scientific Article: Manson, J.E. et al. Vitamin D Supplements and Prevention of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease. New England Journal of Medicine2019; 380:33-44. Use PubMed to get the full text of this article.

Then answer the questions below in your own words. (Make sure the Turnitin similarity score is less than 30%). Write your answers in a language and style that you’d use in telling your classmates about this study. If you need help writing, go to the Writing Center (make an appointment), Peer Mentor Center, etc.

To help me grade your paper, number your answers. There is no need to repeat the questions. The total length of your paper should be 400-500 words. Put your word count at the end.

Background article (article 1)

  1. (4 pts) Briefly summarize the background article in a language & style that you’d use in talking to your classmates. Use your own words; no quotes. (about 100 words)

Scientific article (article 2)


2. (2 pts) What scientific question are the authors addressing?

3. (2 pts) Why is this study important?

Subjects and Methods

4. (2 pts) What criteria were used to select the subjects?

5. (3 pts) Explain what makes this was a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.


  1. (2 pts) How would you interpret the data in Figure 2 (in the scientific article)?
  2. (2 pts) Do the study results support the hypothesis that taking extra amounts of vitamin D prevents disease?


8. (2 pts) Give 2 strengths of this study.

9. (2 pts) Think of some unanswered questions. Suggest a future experiment related to vitamin D.(4 pts) Give your own opinion/reflections on what you learned. (about 100 words)

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