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Possible Reflection Topics:

  • What is your definition of good leadership and how has it evolved?
  • What is your philosophy of work and how has it evolved?
  • What do you believe motivates employees and why? Has this evolved?

Choose one of the above topics and explain deep, this also base on the personality.

the following are comment that some people wrote about me that needs to be add on the paper. It needs to flow on the paper. 

1st comment 

“You’re hard working and responsible person. Very respectful and know got to get along with others very well. You have the right attitude for the job and can make the job look easy regardless of its difficulties. You have what it takes to be a leader at any company you desire to be. However, due to the current company’s situation I see lack of motivation. Not necessary your fault because the company is responsible for the well being of its employees. But you’re a really smart person and have a quick reaction and solution when is needed. In other words, I believe you can do more if you put you’re head to it. You’re over qualified for your current position and i think a good step for you right now would be learning bookings and getting involved more with the operation. Could be a really great experience and will show others what you’re capable of. Which to me, you are a very capable person.”

2nd comment

“From my experience,  Nadreen is a very caring and loving person. Always has time for her loved ones. She is a very dedicated and motivated women, nothing can stand in her way once she has her mind set. I will say that she can sometimes be hard headed, she likes to do things her way when sometimes her way is not right and won’t listen until she’s frustrated or upset. Although that doesn’t really hold her back, she gets along with everyone. Her personality attracts people to her. I always love to be around her it’s always an adventure.”

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