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Research and Draft Solicitation Letter

Along with composing court documents, a paralegal’s legal writing skills come into play in drafting other legal documents, whether as part of client or internal communication.  In this exercise, you’ll be researching and drafting a solicitation letter in line with your state’s laws and ethical rules regarding solicitation.  Be sure to research your jurisdiction’s stance on forms of solicitation before drafting your memo and letter.  Also, keep in mind that, with a memo, your audience is a legal professional, whereas a solicitation letter is addressed to a much wider, usually less well-versed, audience, and your language should be adjusted accordingly.

Your supervising attorney calls you into her office. She has read an article in the paper about an alleged link between the toxic chemicals in the local water supply and the increasing incidences of cancer in children living in a specific subdivision. She says, “This is just the break we’ve been waiting for! Just one of these cases and we’ll be set for life.”

She asks you to research the situation and submit appropriate documents to her.

Research the requirements for such solicitation and assume the law firm and the subdivision are in your jurisdiction. Draft a memo to your attorney advising her on the outcome of your research.

Assume your research shows it is permissible to send such a solicitation letter. Draft the solicitation letter.

Cite all sources using Bluebook format.

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