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revise paper 33

Assignment Instructions


  • 7-8 double-spaced pages
  • 12 point font, 1 inch margins
  • MLA format for in-text citations and Works Cited page
  • No cover page
  • Must include 8 sources
  • At least 2 of your sources should offer counter-arguments or differing perspectives on the issue. This is one key to doing well in this course. Analysis of real life dilemmas are not usually found with simple either/or thinking, but are much more complex and nuanced.
  • Have a working title

Begin with an Introduction which should:

  • Include a statement of your refined research question
  • Mention the theoretical framework/s that you will use (to set up the academic controversy your paper will address)
  • Explain the nature and significance of your topic
  • End with your refined hypothesis (your projected answer to the question you have posed)

In the Body of the paper you should improve on everything you did in your first draft, namely:

  • Define key terms and concepts
  • Define the argument within which your research is intervening
  • Use case and theoretical materials together
  • Support claims with evidence
  • Use well-written paragraphs that open with a topic sentence and are narrowly focused on a single issue
  • Put your authors in conversation with each other—most of your paragraphs should reference at least two authors

Plus, the Body of the paper should now:

  • Have sections or parts that each related in a clear way to the argument you are developing
  • Use subheadings to clearly delineate the different sections of the paper
  • Each subsection should consist of at least two or three paragraphs, with the first paragraph containing a clear statement of the argument that will be covered in that section
  • Each subsection should contain multiple sources and should keep them in conversation with each other
  • In general, you should have more than one source per paragraph

You are still not ready to write a Conclusion.

  • End with a Works Cited page, written in MLA format, on a separate additional page. This page does not count towards your required 7-8 pages.

Key elements to focus on:

  • You are revising and extending Draft 1, not only by lengthening, but also by layering. This means developing existing points, adding a new perspective to them, or even replacing information and arguments with new and better information and arguments.
  • Support claims with EVIDENCE. Evidence can take the form of data gleaned from research, quotation, examples, etc.
  • Be sure your paper makes a claim about an ongoing academic debate. This requires presenting various positions and analyzing them as opposed to merely summarizing.
  • Put effort into coming up with a strategic plan for laying out the organization of your paper.
  • Explain your plan explicitly in your paper. This explanation is called “signposting” and usually comes after the thesis. For example: “in this paper will address arguments of X, Y, and Z as they relate to the problem A. The first section “title” looks at L, in order to lay the foundation for my argument about M and N, which will be treated in the final two sections of the paper.
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