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Revised Permission Plan

Assignment 6: 5 Points.

Students, who did not obtain mentor approval of their Assignment, must complete Assignment 6 as follows:

  1. Review the feedback provided by your mentor on your Assignment 5,
  2. Revise the section per your mentor’s feedback, and following specifications and guidelines for assignment 5,
  3. Title your paper Revised Permission Plan.
  4. Submit your plan along with a copy of your approved Assignment 4 in Microsoft Word format via the dropbox by the deadline identified above.

Students, who received mentor approval previously, will be awarded full credit for this assignment, and may proceed to obtain the appropriate permissions and/or drafting Assignment 8 due Sunday Week 8.

Students, who have completed the ETC but did not obtain mentor approval of their Rationale for Methodology and Design, Operational Definitions of the Study, and Assumptions and Limitations, should complete Assignment 2 this week.

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