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robotic sensing subsystem configuration and design

pick one of the 3 to discuss

  1. Small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) designed to fly at or below 400 feet above ground level (AGL) to inspect rooftops for damage following a storm (tornado, hurricane, or another weather event).
  2. Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed to carry supplies into an active disaster scene (e.g., nuclear, biological, chemical, or other).
  3. Unmanned surface vessel (USV) designed to conduct live weather monitoring in deep-ocean environment.

After selecting one of the three scenario examples you will define any sensors (i.e., payloads or instruments) necessary to support the operation. For example, if you were conducting this activity for a spacecraft designed to survey a planet/orbital body you could identify, discuss, and justify the inclusion/use of the following: spectrometer, ranging (radar, LiDAR, laser altimeter), scatterometer, radiometer, sounder, cameras (various bands; IR, visual, UV, hyper/multispectral), and/or accelerometer. Please note this list is not exhaustive and may include examples not applicable to other operational domains (e.g., maritime, aerial, or surface).

Your response should include:

  1. description of the subsystem inputs and outputs,
  2. operational requirements, capabilities, and limitations,
  3. processing mechanism,
  4. an overview of all hardware, including specific sensors, and
  5. overarching theory of operation (i.e., how the system will work).

Make sure to include rationale supporting recommendations and cite at least 3 related literature and materials. Your submission should also include an overview diagram, depicting the individual components and their relationship to other components (e.g., architectural design diagram).

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