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short journal


You are going to create a Journal in a WORD document. The Journal will have 10 entries over the semester.  Each entry piece should be 3/4 -1 page in length.

Journal 6 – Review to date

What have you learned from the course so far? How can you apply the learning to your personal and professional life?

From the video make a list of the points the presenter made regarding the selling of a pen!  Notice how many questions you can ask relating to this simple product.

Journal 7 – sell the value

List how you can improve your value statements in your Benefit section

How might you apply this to really improve selling your product and selling yourself for a career job?

Journal 8 Lets review what not to do in sales

Develop a checklist of the 6 you should not do!

Journal 9 Ways to close…..and how it applies outside of pure sales

What did you learn?

How/where can you apply what you have learned to yourself?

Journal 10 – Final Thoughts

Review this video…..How can you apply these tips to yourself?

Were you applying them…or is this something new?

Are you gonna do it?

This assignment continues with the last one. total 5 pages

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