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Situational analysis

Please answer the following six questions: Will be graded on format, spelling, content and grammar. 

  1. Consider a situation that a customer has written to complain about the poor service at the restaurant you are managing. You are aware that the problem occurred because two of the waiters had not turned up on that day, and you try to remedy the problem by offering a special discount on her next visit. Compose a message that emphasizes the positive and de-emphasizes the negative and is likely to build goodwill with a reader.
  2. What is scenario painting? Compose a message for a product or service of choice by using this technique.
  3. Detail how the use of conversational language helps build goodwill. For a topic of your choice, write two statements, one formal and one in conversational style.
  4. Why should websites be evaluated for reliability? What are some ways to evaluate them?
  5. In terms of improving one’s listening ability, why is it important to go easy on argument and criticism?
  6. Differentiate tangible rewards from intangible rewards and intrinsic benefits from extrinsic benefits.
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