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Social Media Marketing Analysis

Assignment Guidelines

Your report should be written as a business report, not an academic paper! That means incorporating a heavy use of headings, charts, bullet points, screen shots and easy to scan for specific information. The reports should be structured in the following way and include the information listed. Please use the following formatting guidelines:

  • no longer than 5-7 pages in length
  • 1-inch margins
  • single-spaced, using a 12-point font

Include relevant screen shots and reference information, and follow the outline below:

  1. Introduction and background
    1. Briefly describe the musician as a business
    1. List major accomplishments (years active, sales from recordings, sales from live performances, licensing deals, other sources of income like fashion, fragrances etc.)
  2. Social Media Integration
    1. Overall summary of existing presence on social media; How long, how active, which platforms, numbers of fans, followers etc. You should check and report their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube;
  3. Social Media Strategic Analysis
    1. After an analysis of each of the above platforms and the musicians use of them, determine what their strategic objectives are and why you think this is the case.
    1. Strategic objectives should ideally be business related. You should uncover at least 3 strategic objectives.
  4. Short Term Goals and Tactics
    1. Analyze how the musician achieves those objectives on each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). Specifically list the tactics employed on each platform.
  5. Conclusion & Recommendations
    1. Summarize how successful you think this musician is on social media generally. Which platform specifically are they most successful? Why? How does this fit in with their strategic objectives? Make at least 1 strategic recommendation and 2 tactical ones that will support it. The strategic recommendation should be fairly broad, but again, business related; The tactical ones should represent the specific actions (posts, content, etc) on actual platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
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