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Social Media

Social marketing is the adaptation of marketing practices to programs designed to influence the voluntary behavior of target groups in order to improve their personal welfare and that of the society to which they belong(Gillespie& Hennessey, 2016). For this assignment choose a global cause you know of, are passionate about , or interested in learning more about. For example global causes and what has been done, please reference WPP’s  website. WPP is a global marketing firm based in the UK.

In this case study you should 

1. Introduce the social cause and share general information about the cause and what has been done to overcome any issues .

2.Determine who the target market is for your social marketing program would be and share information (including  demographics) about the target maeket.

3. Share what the messaging should be to the target market

4.Outline three channels for dissemination of this message 

5. Create a sample twitter post to promote the social marketing being used 

6. Indicate what he success measures for this social marketing cause would be ( be specific)

Papers must be 4-5 pages (not counting cover page and references )Tyoed in APA format



2.Target market Description

3. Social marketing mesaging

4.Marketing channels used to communicate message

5. Twitter post

6.Sucess Measures

7. References

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