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Social Security: Past, Present, And Future

Instructions: (Read page 334 in your textbooks)

Students will conduct a three (3) page report on Social Security: Past, Present, and Future

The structure of the paper is as follows:

Page 1 : Title Page (Name/ Date/ Subject/Professor’s Name/Title of Assignment)

Page 2: Introduction: When and how was it created?  What is its purpose? 

Page 3: Body: Describe the purpose, functionalities and payment (calculation) of social security BEFORE 2000

Page 4: Body: Describe  social security for “TODAY” (2001-Present). What is its purpose and how payments are calculated. 

Page 5: Body: What is the “FUTURE” of social security. For example:  In 2030; do you feel social security will be beneficial for workers?  Will there be “social security” benefits. 

Page 6: Indicate three (3) references in APA Style 

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