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statistical question using spss

Solve the following problem using SPSS

Use the Sleep Deprivation data.
(a) Show the descriptive statistics of the 4 groups in a table.
(b) Create a summary bar graph.
(c) Compute the one-way ANOVA table to test the equality of all the population means. What is the conclusion of the test?
(d) Estimate the contrast (1, 1, -1, -1) of the means of the four populations using a confidence interval.
(e) Show a table with the t-statistics with all pairwise comparisons using the Bonferroni approach.
(f) Show a table with all pairwise comparisons using the Tukey method.
(g) Finally, compare the statistically significant pairwise comparisons in parts e and f. Do you observe any difference between the two methods?

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