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summarize five peer reviewed articles comparing the economics of john maynard keynes and james m buchanan

Summarize five peer-reviewed articles comparing the economics of John Maynard Keynes and James M. Buchanan. This paper includes an abstract, keywords, a page of text, and five APA citations. Length: Two pages.

JohPăun, Ana-Petrina, and Petre Brezeanu. “THEORETICAL ASPECTS REGARDING PUBLIC

EXPENDITURES.” Annals of the University of PetroÅŸani. Economics 13 (2013): 211-20. Web.nson, Marianne. “Rules versus Authorities.” Public Choice 175.3-4 (2018): 219-28. Web.

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Lee, D. (2012). THE KEYNESIAN PATH TO FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. Cato Journal, 32(3), 473-491.

Lee, D. (2012). THE KEYNESIAN PATH TO FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. Cato Journal, 32(3), 473-491.

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