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T-Shirt Travels

Watch a video – T-Shirt Travels documentary (If you can’t watch the full video, you can just read the transcript and write this paper)

This video talks about failed development policies in Zambia in the 1970s- 2000s.

Based on the video “T-Shirt Travels” write an essay “Development in Zambia?” Address the following issues in your essay:

  1. Colonial past in Zambia;
  2. The nature of Zambia’s debt;
  3. International Monetary Fund and its lending to the developing countries (as it is described in the video);
  4. Programs of structural adjustments;
  5. Consequences of the free market policies;
  6. Provide your own ideas on how to help developing countries to improve their economic and social conditions.

Paper requirements: Your essay should be typed using the following requirements: font – Times New Roman, 12; double-spaced. It should be at least 500 words.

Please use proper citations if you use work of others.

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